Monday, March 5, 2012

Whatever is "kale-n" yah, will make you stronger

Okay, so if you understood that nonsense title then you know that I'm going to writing something attempting to tie together ailments and kale. Just trying to keep it goofy for you :)
This is my first attempt to write an entry on my phone, so bare with me I'm not sure how it will turn out. I must write on my phone because I'm desperately in need of sleep and therefore I am in bed at 8:30 waiting to a dose of melatonin to kick in. A little nervous because last few times I took it it really knocked me out! So I'm playing it safe.. I think someone has been secretly slipping me crack because I've had the sleeping habits of a (something that only sleeps 4 hours a night, sometimes at odd times like 10:30-2:30am). Yes today I went bonkers with energy at 5am so I gave up on sleeping and went to the gym. Yes I'm crazy.. My body must be ready for spring.
Saturday I got a little taste of spring. It's still so far off here it seems but Saturday there was a burst of warmth that I'm glad I peeled myself off the couch for. I went for a run and really really wanted to finish at the beach with a 6 mile distance PR. The beach is 2 miles from my house, perfect laps. Unfortunatly IT bands flared up again at mile 3.5. So I decided to end my run at the sea docks instead. Equally as charming! Until some strange man came creeping around my dock. Couldn't he tell I wanted personal space!!
Well I haven't written here in a while..mostly because I A. Haven't had many explorations (although I did have a weekend in NY involving a 93 year old yogi and Russian/Turkish baths-perhaps that story some other time) and B. my cooking has been an embarrassment. (soon to change). I like to keep things positive on here, it's been a long winter and the motivation for more computer time is not there.
But I will leave you with my weekends worth of food ventures. I seem to be on a mission to sample the northeastern bagel scene(hardly a scene in CT).
Also, some tips for your folks who love to "munch" on ways to make a healthy dinner that satisfies the "munches":

Bakes sweet potato fries
Baked Panko zucchini
Carrots and tahini
Kale chips
Mango slices
Roasted chickpeas
Sliced banana with cocoa powder and cinnamon
Lots of bite size wonders! Just make sure your portions are still normal-I have a problem STOPPING the munchies

Last but not least, I spent Sunday enjoying a great new book, some good beer and rediscovering my favorite way to eat kale! More on that later-melatonin says its bed time.
PS not sure my pictures work on this phone..
Finger food lunch!
This stuff REALLY works if you need sleep
Sliced Banana with Wheat Germ, Cinnamon and Cocoa Powder
Best raw salad ever - massage avocado, sea salt and olive oil into Kale and add brussel sprouts, parm cheese and tuna!..Or whatever veggies you have at home
A great Sunday evening activity
Veggie Sandwich for brunch at Upper Crust Bakery
Dinner can come in sticks and still be healthy
I was really hoping this wheat bagel with hummes would rival Astoria..nope
Roasted Chickpeas are gooood finger food
Really looking forward to spring..

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