Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Warming Back Up

The next two days call for +50/60s.  I'm SO thrilled!  Tomorrow I traveling to the city for work so it will be nice to at least walk through warm/sunny streets.

So, also happy to report that I got 9 hours of sleep AND a massage today - good as new?! Almost..  The guy massaging me very nearly kneaded me into dough and broke my neck.  I've never had such a rough massage..let's hope it is effective...

This evening, as I sat at home with my gooey muscles I was actually just not too thrilled about the idea of making dinner.  But, some slight encouragement from my mother and I had an epiphany that involved quickly realizing that some of the random ingredients I had at home would be amazing together.  You've got to use your muscles or lose your muscles..same goes for your cooking muscles.

Oh it was grand to flex my muscles in the kitchen.  Oh GARLIC! Oh Onion! So great to hear their sizzle and smell their fragrant toasting once again.  I've been living on such petty meals as of late!

Crimini mushrooms, onions, kale and garlic simmering in vegetable stock and olive oil yum!
I had in my mind to make this mushroom reduction to put on rice but this was much easier and just as tasty.  Easy is good when you live alone..

1 clove Garlic
various spices - whatever I threw on there
Vegetable Stock
Squeeze of lemon at the end

I'm starting to really dig fruit for dessert.  Sprinkled with Cinnimon and Cocoa Powder with a side of hot tea. :)
Just a quick post today..

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  1. Glad you're getting some sleep! Four hours isn't enough. Looks like a healthy meal!