Monday, June 20, 2016

4 Years Later....

She speaks!

Yes, after 4 years I have unlocked this time capsule.  I have cracked open the lid to take a look at where I left it; forgotten and gathering dust..only to find that everything is EXACTLY THE SAME!

It's crazy how cyclical life is.  Just last week I completed my SIXTH year of that horrendous 53 mile bike ride I spoke of in my last post.  I ate the exact same muffins for breakfast and refueled with the very same energy balls.  I only slightly changed things up with some maple syrup packets instead of honey..woah there!

But while I'm glad to see some of the things that brought me joy 4 years ago making their way back into my life again, things have also evolved, been accomplished, grown and changed shapes since my last post.  And in the name of recapturing life's joyous habits, it feels like it's time to take this blog for a spin again, and see what else it inspires me to create.

Stay tuned..