Friday, March 18, 2011


Well so the St. Patrick's day season might finally officially be over for me (I think).  Dispite the fact that I'm wearing my "Stop, Drop, Shamrock" t-shirt to bed tonight..there was definitely no shamrocking for me tonight.  Stamford definitely showed me a good time. Although it was weird being out during the middle of a week got your mix of older guys who don't work, corporate gigs who can get away with having a Guinness at lunch and others like us..not working :) 
Sometimes it's just really nice to be nice to your body.  After a day like today I need all the rest and restoration I can get.  St. Patrick's day left me battered and home by 9pm.  Today left me awake at 4am with a dead car and a stomach ache.  Thank goodness for Fridays in the Spring that feel like Summer though!  After work I took my first long stroll around town away from the haven around my apartment in South Norwalk (SONO to the "hip" locals).  I didn't make it as far as I was wanting..there is a pizza place and cookie place I need to check out..but I did go up to the other downtownish part of Norwalk and it wasn't too bad.  It's a mix of run down antique shops, little ethnic food restaurants/groceries, offices, churches and a few nice furniture stores.  Nothing TOO exciting, but the area is kind of nice and while I nearly skirted death twice crossing a street and once nearly darting across the train tracks as the train came but at the last second decided against it (smart choice #1 of the day), I did discover that Norwalk has a very small library (or am I spoiled by Fayetteville's), a little bike path that runs along the highway (kind of ghetto in some areas) and apparently they have sleepovers at the aquarium for little kids (how cool is that!).  I also learned that you should not walk 4 miles in shoes with no socks on.  Blisters=painful.
Smart decision #2 of the day:  Always important for restoring and relaxing the body.  A tasty dinner!  Granted it was no highly technical endeavor (wait till I decide to try to take on local clams!), it was pretty extraordinary for me to actually make something for a change instead of finding how many things I can put almond butter on before I'm full.  Things have been pretty busy at work so I usually don't feel like cooking when I get home.  But todays dish proved both easy and new for me!  I first made some quinoa (miracle grain) and cut up some endive (for scooping).  Then I added some tomatoes and red kidney beans for protein.  The greatest part of the meal by far was finally trying Kale chips.  It's such a foodie thing but I kept hearing it was really good so I gave it a try.  Very simple, all you need to do is tear/cut the leaves off the stem, spray with olive oil spray or drizzle some on and coat them, add salt and bake! They are so crispy and melty they remind me of air popped buttered popcorn.  Happiness :)
Here is the final product:
Obviously my camera does not capture the magic, but it was truly the meal I needed!  Also, the trick with the sun dried tomatoes: throw them in the quinoa just before it's done so the steam softens them some.  It's the little things :)
So that's all for tonight folks.  Time for Lindsay to get some sleep!  This weekend, blisters allowing, I'm going to attempt to get to get me some nature.  CT has a lot to offer in that realm from what I gather.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I can't believe it's already March.  I feel like I've lost all gauge on time.  Just the other day I was noticing just how much I had adapted to the cold wintery weather.  When I first got here it was layer upon layer of warming devices.  I had wool tights under wool socks under work pants and later under boots when I finally got some..I've gone from two layers of coats to one and wool everywhere to just the trusty wool gloves.  But then another part of me's MARCH..I am not normally this cold in March!  So while I have adapted (partly due to getting used to it and I think partly due to mentally preparing for a colder winter) I forget just how long Winter is up here.  So while normally I would have been crying and whining about cold (Susan would know) a month ago..time has slipped away and I'm just now realizing that I'm behind (Fayetteville and your 60 degrees).  The list keeps building for the many things I want to explore..when it gets many times I've said that phrase and often heard the phrase "this place is much better in the Summer".  So I'll just wait in my adaptive state of "tolerant" for the brighter days where I can explore by bike, sun on the beach, kayak, hike, explore vineyards, sit on decks overlooking the sound and generally just be able to go out and play. 
Which really brings me to a subject I really haven't thought about enough but really need to share.  What life is like up here.  I've been very caught up in just going with it, sometimes I often forget to sit back and realize that this really is a new life.  Well let's just say that probably 75% of my time is spent at work.  It took me about a week to realize that I was one of the few who actually partake in the 8-5 schedule.  Most people generally roll in between 8:30 and 9:30.  Granted a lot of people have to take trains or commutes in from the city or New Jersey or somewhere else that entails battling crappy traffic..but regardless..people just don't work the standard amount of time.  And when 5 o clock rolls don't really see a whole herd of people running for the door either.  Now I've actually made an effort to actually show up to work late..but it looks like 8 o clock is engrained in my system..
At first when I got here I thought people were pretty aggresive..every man for himself, you've got to get what you want any way you can.  And granted I did have a little trouble at first because I noticed a lot of people don't smile at you when you are walking by..and I actually felt creepy for doing it a few times.  Now after a while it is not so much like that..but I can defintely say one thing: my driving habits have changed in accordance with this..I can only imagine my sisters reaction to riding with me now after how bad she thought I was before!  Also, don't dare crossing a road until you are damn sure that the coast is clear.  Yeild to padestrians..I laugh..what yeild?
Not to mention a whole sleuth of new words.  Skeevy (I define as a mix between sketchy and creepy), What's Good? (Instead of What's up, What's happening)  Snark (Learned today from my felow Northeastern migrator Lisa)..a sarcastic biting comment.  Or "Shit Show"...a crazy party.  Those are really just a few..but it's kind of funny the differences.  Aparently the only thing I do weird is say "pin" instead of 'pen" and lack a southern accent.  No one believe I actually grew up in Arkansas.
Overall life here is pretty wintery and it has been great to be able to take advantage of public transportation to explore the city.  There are definitely a lot of little cute coastal towns that need further exploration (including my own) and lots of activities await.  Can't wait to share them with you all..I know this was just a quick tidbit of stuff I will continue to explore in different posts.  I think it is important to become aware of your surroundings and as of this far it has really felt like a whirlwind.  I do miss the folks back home and wish I were better at telephoning..but if you are reading this know that I miss you dearly and hope to be able to visit soon.  But you should really visit me too ;) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Ain't Jokin Bout Hoboken

Hoboken, NJ.  According to Wikipedia Hoboken is part of the New York metropolitan area and contains Hoboken Terminal, a major transportation hub for the region. Hoboken is also the location of the first recorded baseball game in the United States, and of the Stevens Institute of Technology, one of the oldest technological universities in the United States.  Nifty information.. But I'm sure baseball wasn't the first thing that came to your mind when I said Hoboken...  You probably thought something like "Hoboken?! What the heck's in Hoboken?!"
Well, not much my friends.  It's really a bunch of residential neighborhoods, condominiums and an array of bars and restaurants.  It's really a little charming..but on one day a year (at least only one day that I'm aware of thus far), the town goes completely bonkers for a 24 hour period in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. 
At 10am Saturday morning I found myself headed for Hoboken.  With 3 others I boarded the train in Westport.  Or should I say, barely jumped on the train at the last minute as our last friend arrived just in the nick of time. It was a drizzly grey morning in Connecticut, I wasn't sure what lay ahead of me..all I knew was we were going to Hoboken and we were in for a party..
Next thing I discover, the word Hoboken is the 3rd most trending word on Twitter.  Oh boy..yes was in for quite the festival..  The 4 of us arrived in New York, took a quick walk (I put on my "City Walk" as I've come to call it when I'm in New York..being there just makes me walk faster..or everyone walks faster) over to the subway and headed with the hords of young people to the merriment that awaited our 40 minute subway ride. 
I quickly realized I was not properly decked out even with my Guinness beads and off green torquoise tank top...This really WAS St. Patricks day..just 2 weeks early.
Never did I expect to see anything so crazy.  The entire city, literally the ENTIRE city was out celebrating.  We arrived shortly after noon and the streets were already filled with a mix of families awaiting the parade and those who were either crowding into the closest bar or already catching their first sobering slice of pizza on the sidewalk.
There were people with hats!

And a parade!
But luckily we steared clear of this craze for the most part.  Happily a back yard awaited us with sun for us to bask in and beer for us to cheer with.  Yes it was the first time since I've moved here that my arms saw sunlight or soaked vitamin D.   Very happy indeed :)

And while my camera died I could not continue to capture the day as it progressed that was okay.  We ended up jolly and hungry and ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple again at a little after 8.  Ate some tasty shrimp at The Ginger Man and after 9 or 10 hours I finally cracked my celebratory Guinness on the train ride home.  Suffice it to say..then on Sunday they had their day of rest.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

So it begins...

This will be short and sweet until I get a handle on what I want this blog to be about.  But in summary, I've begun a new blogging adventure!  I'm going to attempt to keep this up regularly and keep it entertaining, informative but not self indulgant or emotionally driven.  I hope this will be an outlet for creative expression related to new and fun adventures I experience and want to share with those I love.  Anywhere from cooking, explorations, general perceptions of my new surroundings and other thoughful ponderings.  Stay tuned for more.