Friday, March 18, 2011


Well so the St. Patrick's day season might finally officially be over for me (I think).  Dispite the fact that I'm wearing my "Stop, Drop, Shamrock" t-shirt to bed tonight..there was definitely no shamrocking for me tonight.  Stamford definitely showed me a good time. Although it was weird being out during the middle of a week got your mix of older guys who don't work, corporate gigs who can get away with having a Guinness at lunch and others like us..not working :) 
Sometimes it's just really nice to be nice to your body.  After a day like today I need all the rest and restoration I can get.  St. Patrick's day left me battered and home by 9pm.  Today left me awake at 4am with a dead car and a stomach ache.  Thank goodness for Fridays in the Spring that feel like Summer though!  After work I took my first long stroll around town away from the haven around my apartment in South Norwalk (SONO to the "hip" locals).  I didn't make it as far as I was wanting..there is a pizza place and cookie place I need to check out..but I did go up to the other downtownish part of Norwalk and it wasn't too bad.  It's a mix of run down antique shops, little ethnic food restaurants/groceries, offices, churches and a few nice furniture stores.  Nothing TOO exciting, but the area is kind of nice and while I nearly skirted death twice crossing a street and once nearly darting across the train tracks as the train came but at the last second decided against it (smart choice #1 of the day), I did discover that Norwalk has a very small library (or am I spoiled by Fayetteville's), a little bike path that runs along the highway (kind of ghetto in some areas) and apparently they have sleepovers at the aquarium for little kids (how cool is that!).  I also learned that you should not walk 4 miles in shoes with no socks on.  Blisters=painful.
Smart decision #2 of the day:  Always important for restoring and relaxing the body.  A tasty dinner!  Granted it was no highly technical endeavor (wait till I decide to try to take on local clams!), it was pretty extraordinary for me to actually make something for a change instead of finding how many things I can put almond butter on before I'm full.  Things have been pretty busy at work so I usually don't feel like cooking when I get home.  But todays dish proved both easy and new for me!  I first made some quinoa (miracle grain) and cut up some endive (for scooping).  Then I added some tomatoes and red kidney beans for protein.  The greatest part of the meal by far was finally trying Kale chips.  It's such a foodie thing but I kept hearing it was really good so I gave it a try.  Very simple, all you need to do is tear/cut the leaves off the stem, spray with olive oil spray or drizzle some on and coat them, add salt and bake! They are so crispy and melty they remind me of air popped buttered popcorn.  Happiness :)
Here is the final product:
Obviously my camera does not capture the magic, but it was truly the meal I needed!  Also, the trick with the sun dried tomatoes: throw them in the quinoa just before it's done so the steam softens them some.  It's the little things :)
So that's all for tonight folks.  Time for Lindsay to get some sleep!  This weekend, blisters allowing, I'm going to attempt to get to get me some nature.  CT has a lot to offer in that realm from what I gather.

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