Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bose Headphones Just Aren't Enough

The flight attendant gets on the speaker and announces that the fasten seat belt sign is still lit, so please remain seated with your seat belts securely fastened.  Then she proceeds to run through the drill, when the beverage service will be available and what items are available for purchase.  She then says "sit back and enjoy your flight"  Gllladddly I sigh as I slip into my bose noise canceling headphones.

I am not a very friendly traveler.  If you saw me sitting in my seat I might perhaps appear the scariest person alive.  I seem to make the mistake of sitting in the rear of the plane every time I fly.  Why is the rear bad?  Well that's where all of the people with small children sit in order to not desturb the plan with their young, screaming children.  A nice thought of them, but ill luck for myself.  Especially in that God-awful time between closing the cabin doors and taking off.  Don't you hate it when, for no explainable reason, that whole process takes an hour longer than it normally takes?  The kids really hate that too...they hate it with a passion..loudly.

A few months ago I was gifted a blessed thing.  Bose noise canceling headphones.  Not the ultra noise canceling but still a pretty high quality technological miracle from mankinds noble conquest in invention.  I love crawling into my silent musical bubble.  My productivity increases tri-fold.  I've started using them at work even though they may make me look a little dorky and anti social. One draw back...I like them too much.  It makes that horrendous time in between shutting down electronic devices and blissful freedom to use all approved electronic devices all the more unbearable.  I'm anxiously awaiting that ding so I can rip them out and put them on again.  It has changed what it's like to travel

But, thank fully I am freed from the noise and I'm speaking to you within my bubble.  Currently my radiohead filled soothing bubble of happiness.

I'm flying to Phoenix for work.  If I had thought ahead I would have booked through the weekend..what was I thinking!? I used to be so adventurous!  If I really get ambitious maybe I'll pay the difference and stay...I've always wanted to explore Phoenix.. Oh well..I didn't bring my hiking boots anyway.

Now to try to fill this flight with my bose fueled productivity so that I can try to get in a good workout when I get to Phoenix-horray time change in my favor!

P.S. Longest flight ever.  How did I get sucked into watching HGTV?

Some things I notice about hotels that are funny:
-I wonder how much paper/plastic is wasted individually wrapping everything?
-Why are the soaps in individual packages but the apples just sit out on the counter downstairs after communal breakfast?
-Hotel stairwells are creepy


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