Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's Get Frivolous

So I'm convinced that half the things we consider our hobbies or interests are actually just sources used to partake in procrastination or distraction from the things in life we really have to do but don't really want to do.  My vices are food, exercise and since I have moved here let's add TV and shopping to the list.  Now that might sound kind of pessimistic but really 9/10 times when I'm doing those things I am most likely avoiding something else I really should be, cleaning, making important appointments, calling people, other goals in life that you really want but obviously don't hold your interest well enough to create a reason to focus on them..  And often times when I start on these unfun things I almost always get the urge to stop and go do one of those things.  "Oh I need to look at this excel spreadsheet and determine trends in sales for these brands...oh wow I really could use a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate"...::pitter patter pitter patter:::  mmmm...."okay where was I again??"
This weekend was case and point.  I'm especially "naughty" when some plans I have made fall through and I"m left with nothing to do and no more excuses to avoid getting some real work done.  Sooo this weekend I was supposed to go to New Haven with some friends when one of them canceled.  Instead I spent the afternoon burning some big holes in my credit cards in an outdoor shopping center in Westport.  The shopping IS good here...
I did get some good steals though.  But now I"m cut off :)
I chose to be a little more "frivolous" with my weekend breakfast routine too.  Seeing as I actually slept long enough for my breakfast to be considered "lunch" I thought "why not go down to Chocopologie and see how their breakfast is?"  It really is dangerous to live around so many tasty restaurants.
Oat, grain berry pancakes with a side of fruit
 And you thought I was so healthy :P  Although I will say that I did do yoga before I went to "breakfast" and the main reason for the carbo load (other than my love for bread and sugar) was to prepare myself for a long run this afternoon (made it 5.2 miles woohoo!)...but I only made it through 1.5 of these pancakes.  They were very hefty.  Breakfast tomorrow! Horray!
For my entire breakfast I sat at a seat that looks in on the kitchen.  The restaurant specializes in chocolate truffles.  Had to stare at this poor little forgotten guy the whole time I was there.  Someone pick him up and eat him!!

But I did redeem myself somewhat this evening by doing about 15 minutes of work and spending an hour cooking a wholesome meal that didn't cost me a cent.  It was so easy I practically cooked the entire meal while on the phone with my dad.  But..I caution..never eat this much fiber in one sitting...I'm now handicapped on the couch with a tummy ache.
Sweet Potato, quinoa, black beans, spinach and half a sole filet with spicy salsa
That really is a lot of food...and I had an apple for dessert..bad idea...

I do have to mention one food breakthrough though.  I have been meaning to post about this discovery for a while as when I posted the picture below on Pinterest it practically went viral in 15 minutes.
The obsession continues! Panko Breaded Baked Potato Fries!
1. Chop potato into fry shapes
2. Dip in bowl of egg white
3. Roll in bowl of panko + seasoning of choice
4. Bake to perfection in 20 minutes depending on how you like them.  
The egg really helps the panko and seasoning stick and make for even crispier "fries"!

Happy Sunday Funday and frivolous distractions :)

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  1. how could you just post picture of the bags and not of what you actually got!!! I have to shop vicariously through you! come on!