Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lunch Time Delights

It's Saturday.  A day to enjoy yourself - treat yourself well as I often say.  Today I have been stuck on how to take advantage of my Saturday.  It's one of those rare but lovely sunny warm winter days in Connecticut.  Everyone is bustling.  I have an energy like no other and no particular outlet to focus it on.  Despite a long early morning workout I'm still unsatisfied.  So I decided to venture out - if I'm not doing something at least I'm out right! I have some online training to do for work - so I went up the road to Fat Cat Pie Co to have some tasty delights.  When I first sat down it was a little strange..a short New Yorker laughing and making comments at the bar and a women sitting by herself munching on a cheese tray.  And now there is me.  Girl sitting at the bar with a computer and Bose Noise Canceling headphones on sipping a beer and nibbling on a sandwich.  (headphones especially useful for the annoying loud talking boisterous New Yorker behind me.)  But since I sat down the crowd has rolled in and there are a few other couples enjoying delicious food and drinks as well.  
I like this place.  They have a kale quinoa salad to die for and thin crust pizzas with an endless list of ingredients to top with.  But since I'm on my own I couldn't indulge in the giant kale salad or thin crust pizza.  I decided to branch out and get a hot pressed sandwich with Emmanthaler cheese, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and pepper.  Pretty tasty :)  Although slightly oily.still good
I had drinks with a friend last night and we were reflecting on new Englanders.  We are both transplants from other areas of the country and it's fun to see what others think about the people here.  There are always the stereotypes that northerners are stuck up.  And after living here a year I don't think it's necessarily that they are stuck up.  But the forms of personal interaction are definitely different.  And folks up here are definitely kind of sheltered from the outside world of rest of America (A New Englanders view of the US:  New England, Black Hole, California) haha.  It WAS hilarious that we both noticed that shopping here is very strange in that a women shopping will literally barrel into you as if you aren't even there.  It's happened to me numerous times!  Even if it's not crowded and there is no crazy sale (there are no sales here) if you are crossing paths or she is going down the aisle of clothing, she WILL NOT go around you.  It's kind of alarming at "Excuse Me" or anything.   But I guess it's just one of those things..a manifestation of the culture. sandwich is getting cold and my beer warm.  Back to my Saturday.

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