Monday, September 12, 2011

Messy Soup

So I made soup!  About a week ago..and I'm still eating it..and still cleaning up after it as well.
If man hadn't invented freezers, there would be no prolonged enjoyment of foodie goodness
I'm beginning to think my wallet is starting to suffer from the new fuel that has ignited my Foodie desires.  But I think that's why Man invented soup.  It's warm, cozy deliciousness, mixed with its grand ability to be preserved (if you have a freezer) make it the perfect endless take to work meal.  It's also open to side dishes and crunchy toppings and other great partners.  Granted it is a little early for "soup season", but hey if I keep all those extra jars in the freezer long enough it might actually BE fall by the time I crack them open.

Bring on the magic of soup!
I love making soup.  It's so easy.  It's like making chili.  We can be scared to make soup..sometimes there are a lot of ingredients. But honestly, once you throw everything in the pot and let it cook, you really can't go wrong.  It's like a crazy shmorgasborg of good can you REALLY fail!?
1st Step: The Chopping
Bought these little guys at the farmers market.  I was told the seeds were hot but the pepper sweet.   THROW IT IN!

Vegetables palate..the only art I've ever really been able to create, although it's Mother nature that does all the work.
Have I mentioned before that I love chopping?  It's so methodological and calming.  And look at the pretty things that result!  
2nd Step: Bring on the Heat!
So I sauteed these pretty little chopped veggies for a little while.  Then added muh spices :)

My only complaint here is that I might have chosen some different spices.  It called for chili powder and cumin..but I think that makes it taste too much like chili..maybe something a little lighter..
The juices
3rd Step: Liquids
Now after I added the vegetable broth, tomatoes and beans..I just had to play a waiting game.  Next, the directions said I needed to use a hand blender to blend the ingredients.  I've had a hand blender for a year or so, given to me by my fabulous mother at my request when I first started getting into cooking.  I have YET to use it.  I think I was either afraid of it..or just haven't made anything that required it (so really, avoiding it).
It sounds so easy..just turn the sucker on and blend.  Right?
Apparently you need a license to hand blend and I don't have one.  Either that or my soup was just too shallow..who knows..  Basically..I turned it on the lowest setting, crossed my fingers and stuck it in!
4th Step: Hand Held Soup Churning
Not to sure about this
Okay obviously it was 9 o cock at night and I was making soup..not really primed for pictures..but here is me before I decided to reek havoc on the soup via hand blender in hand.  You can't tell in the picture surprisingly..but the burner to the left was the actual burner that the soup had been simmering on...GO ME for being completely oblivious and being too busy taking pictures of myself and blending away at my soup to notice that my cord was gracefully laying on the hot burner.  FAIL
Epic Fail # 2 - soup gone wild
This reminds me of the time I was hanging out with my sister at her apartment back in college.  We decided to make some strawberry champagne smoothie type drink.  My sister puts everything in the blender and before I can shout she's put the sucker on full blast and strawberries, champagne and orange juice are exploding all over the place.
Sadface, bean souped
Well, despite my inability to use a hand blender I think it all came out okay.  I kept thinking I didn't blend the ingredients enough, but basically the black beans and tomatoes were liquified, giving the soup a slightly thicker consistency but retaining all the vegetables.
This don't look pretty, but sure did taste it!

So I learned my lesson, blenders are not for children.  Maybe on my birthday in less than 3 weeks I'll be old enough to wield one...
In other news, the weather is beautiful this week and I hope this weekend is too because there are two things I want to accomplish: Razorback game and Bike the Beach (time for the long tours, 62 miles!)

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