Friday, September 2, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Chaos and Insomnia

Okay so pretty doomed title.  It doesn't really sum things up properly, but since I'm up way past my non-existent bed time and I haven't posted in a while..I figure those are the major categories right now.  I feel I've learn to work off of little sleep lately, sometimes I'm even more productive..let's hope this works tomorrow as I would like to be productive at work and go on the Friday night bike ride with my new found cycling group as well.

In other news, the northeast is a relentless adventure of natural/environmental theme!  Since I moved here in January, I have experienced the largest amount of snow fall in the history of CT, my first earthquake and my first hurricane(er Tropical storm) I don't know if that's a sign or not.  Technically the earthquake wasn't much, but to me the fact that I felt it and it took place all the way in Virginia baffles and amazes me.  I was sitting at my desk and all of the sudden my chair seemed to be moving in a funny way.  It was almost a slow rocking..not a shaking.  I thought either A) I had started to tap my leg in an off manner or B) I was having a little anxiety earthquake in my mind.  Both of which are equally possible in my case.  But, after ignoring this strange sensation I was ready to forget about it until I looked at my coworkers face (whom I was talking to at the time). Right away we both knew we had experienced the same sensation and were totally internally freaked out about it.  Anyway..never would have guessed earthquake but thanks to just a curious Google search and confirmation from a friend in DC I came to find out it was indeed an earthquake.  Pretty crazy.

So that was a long paragraph describing a 10 second event..but pretty unique in my books so I'll just go with it.

Hurricane Irene was a little bit more of a drawn out adventure.  Luckily the area I live in did not sustain any major damage.  A few poor trees lost some appendages and flood waters reached pretty high levels at high tide, but all receded and power was restored within a day.  Much, much luckier than I would say at least 75% of the state.  And for that I am thankful but also thinking of those out there who weren't so lucky and hoping that they can put things back together again soon.  

For a while before the storm started I heard that my apartment was in a mandatory evacuation zone.  A friend and I who both live alone in this area were connecting throughout the day trying to figure out our "action plan".  Given both of us come from land locked areas of the country, we really had no idea what actions to take.  In the end we got more information and deduced that we were NOT in the mandatory evacuation zone (or so we hoped) and decided to stick it out down here together.  I cleaned up my apartment, unplugged all my appliances and carted my hurricane survival goods (flashlights, beer and a hefty supply of tuna packets) over to her place.  From her place we had an excellent view of the mysterious disaster which was approaching us.
Enjoying the pre tropical storm breezes from my friend's balcony overlooking the inlet
 Yes I was THAT close..if potentially torrential flooding and flying debris occurred.  Thus why calming fluids were necessary.
Shadow creatures - entertainment without power

eerie increasing wind and rain
The tropical storm didn't really hit until the next morning.  It was good to not have to ride it out alone, but it really passed by pretty quickly and occurred mostly in the morning.  I woke up and watched the high sustained winds and thrashing gusts but my friend slept through most of it.  Later, after some early morning rigging the gas stove, omelets and rummy we ventured out to survey the damage.  Already we started to see people filling the streets, like tourists out to gawk.
This is the street I usually walk down from the parking garage to my apartment
my street - very little damage..lots of cars

This guy was fighting an endless battle - the winds stayed pretty high throughout the rest of the day.  But he would have no leaves on HIS yard!
there WAS pretty heavy flooding here..
man down
The wind literally blew us down the street

So, a little change of pace from my usual food.  It seems that there are 4 circles in my life - social, work, exercise, food..and seldom do they simultaneously "click".
Until next time.  Enjoy my favorite month! September!

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