Saturday, September 10, 2011

Farmers Marketeering

I started my morning early this morning.  This is reminiscent of my weekends back home.  I went out the night before, had some silly fun and this morning the sun woke me with a crazy energy.  I spent my morning filling time before my coffee shop opened across the street (yes I'm calling it MY coffee shop - it's right across the street).  After taking a walk to a hidden dock I had never been to, I went over and had a bagel and iced coffee.  So good!  Caffeine is growing on me again.
Was a beautifully cool morning this morning - overlooking the inlet & the distant Oyster Fest
Rosalita, resting in Rowayton (say that 3 times fast)

Later, Rosalita and I took a new adventure.  Based on the knowledge of the roads I have gathered from my group rides I mapped out a way to get to the farmers market I've been going to by bike.  It's about 13 miles away.  Here is the route I took (Click Here for Map).  Ended up being a perfect route, even though I road during high traffic times.  It was a great morning although the heat hit quick!  When I went to go get my coffee I almost gave up on a ride all together because it was a little chilly.  That's how the mornings have been here lately..fall/winter is slowly creeping back (NO!)  So of course I over dressed and was sweating up a storm (perfect for farmer's marketeering :) ).  I usually like to go to farmers markets as grungy as I can, I feel a little more "earthy".  Although...Not in the town THIS farmers market is in.  Back home the farmers market was where the true blooded local crunchy folk went.  Now, the big difference between the locals back home and the locals in this town..well about a 3.5 times higher per capita income for one.  But then again New Canaan IS one of the most affluent communities in the country.  Apparently in 2008 it was ranked #1 by CNN Money with the highest median family income (Wiki).  Despite, so far this is the best farmers market I have found. But I can't say I identify with the community surrounding.  Also, I do have quite a few complaints about their support of cyclists.  1. Not a bike rack in site  2. I was cut off by 2 motorists and 1 pedestrian 3. I saw a cyclist carted off in an ambulance!!  Need I say more?  Apparently those Beemers and Asten Martens have the right of way..
But despite that, within a one block get a little flavor of "Crunchy Folk"
Fresh Peaches!

My friend bought this prize pepper.

Colorful veggies, so many choices of beautiful goodness!

He was singing about sandwiches, made me want a PBJ!

These magical beverages a local vendor makes are called "Cold Roman".  It's a proprietary espresso blend with a splash of cream.  They also have excellent regular iced coffee.  This is usually our first stop.

Carrot Shocker?

I came away from the farmers market with some Apple Pepper Hot Sauce.  All the ingredients (all 4 of them) come from Connecticut within a 35 mile radius.  I already tried it on egg whites and it is pretty tasty!  Can't wait to get some brie and crackers and try it on that.

Today, I plan on laying on the couch in my filth until I absolutely HAVE to shower and get ready for a friend's birthday party at 7.

Stay tuned for my next blog: The tale of messy soup and why I will never use a hand blender again.

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  1. Whee! Sounds like a good time. I have been getting peaches a lot from our market to while I can. I made peach crisp a week ago and ate it warm with ice cream. Not the healthiest way to eat peaches...but tasty. Be careful of those road hogs!