Monday, December 12, 2011

December in New York

This same time last year I was slowly packing boxes, having lots of "lasts" with friends (although really there turns out they were not "lasts" at all) and preparing for my trip to visit my sister in France.  It was great to spend time during Christmas in Europe. Every city is festive, cold and centered around a Christmas Market.  I think that was my favorite part about my trip to France - I mean besides getting to see the sis of course ;)

That's one of the reasons I am feeling festive about living so close to New York City during December.  I've been in the city during Thanksgiving and January - I've seen the window displays, lights and trees.  But there's something special about the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I can't say I like the hustle and bustle so much but I can certainly deal with it for some hot apple cider, winter cheer and rosy cheeks :)

So this Sunday I went into the city to do some Christmas shopping.  I found a couple really good catches for an "alternative to retail" experience.  Most of the stores REALLY do it up in terms of "retailtainment" and decoration for the holiday.  While I had to stop in at Bloomingdales (wow!), I scouted out two Holiday markets as well - hoping to get a taste of last year's European Christmas.

Columbus circle was my first stop.  It was amazing how such a small area can turn into what seems like an endless maze of shops and goodies.  There was a lot of handmade jewelry, winter hats and natural soaps/skincare products.  There was also a lot of apple cider :)  And chocolates and baked goods and tea too.  Although it was cold I didn't feel up for apple cider - would have made the shopping a little easier.  What I really missed was Vine Chaud!  mmmmm  I also tried a sample of something called Peppermint Magic Bar and I almost bought the entire stock!

I got terrible pictures..but all I had was my phone and my fingers were cold.

The second place I went to was awesome X 3.  Craftacular put on by Bust Magazine, a kind of power to the females cultural mag.  It was $3 to get in and wander through 2.5 rooms of vintage lovers heaven.  I know several of my friends who would have LOVED it..and therefore I was kind of overwhelmed with Christmas gift ideas.  Paralyzed is more accurate..  I bought one item from a couple who makes sugar and sea salt body scrubs - espresso body scrub.  My bathroom smells like espresso chocolate now..not gunna complain.  Naki Nagi is the company.  It was pretty cool to see so many hand made creations and the people who have been able to make a successful living at some level out of them.

Clocks, Door hangers, light switch covers and frames

Mason Jar Christmas Decoration

Cool Necklace

Little green worlds
I think I might be going vintage for Christmas - much  more unique and fulfilling way to shop.  Either way,  my train home may not have been coming from Paris but I certainly had the spirit in me.  Until the kid across the aisle threw up all over the train...yah.... oh well :)

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  1. I LOVE Bust. They just came out with an awesome DIY Guide to Life. You should check it out.