Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compulsive Blog Post

There's a couple things I like about winter here.  And maybe I can say that now because winter really hasn't even started yet, but as I sat eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee this morning I did realize these two appreciations.  I've noticed that Norwalk has an abundance of sunshine during the winter.  I always picture my mornings getting up in Arkansas - the cloudy chill of a winter day to great me.  Here Mr. Sun makes an appearance almost every day.  However, this will not stop me from taking Vitamin D supplements all winter because alas the only time I get to see the sun is on the weekends (hate you daylight savings).  That brings me to my second appreciation: I love how the sunlight cascades across my apartment.  That has to be a number one requirement for me when I live somewhere - well lit.  This morning the sun burst in over my living room lighting up my tv (my closest friend Netflix calling my name) and my little mini Christmas tree (presents waiting to be opened with my family on Skype later today).  It makes getting up early on a Sunday morning enjoyable.  I have not fully opened my home to the outside world by opening the blinds yet because my head still hurts from last night's play.  Sorry Mom and Dad, I don't go out that often, but when I do I somehow revert back to the fish I was in College..

Because my head and liver hurt I was more than happy to whisk myself across the street to my coffee shop for a little hangover cure.  Yes it is now MY coffee shop because I go there at least twice on the weekend and they have updated the decor with one of my favorite objects.  I grabbed a coffee, rye bagel with a side of peanut butter and a biscotti for later :).  (It's Christmas time - desserts aplenty right?)

I performed a little test to see if I could bring nut butter into my house again.  Apparently not :).  I ate that apple only because I still at PB left after I finished my bagel.   My impulsive nature does present some challenges :)  I am impulsive in many ways (job in CT 1500 miles from home - SURE, buy a $500 plane ticket for a one night trip home to surprise two of my best friends - SURE, eat the entire stock of Peanut Butter - OF COURSE!)  It is good and bad :)
One tasty compulsion
Now if only I could impulsively get out of this chair and go do something more productive with my Sunday.. Like try to finish another season of How I Met Your Mother? :)

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  1. That sounds about like my Sundays, except there would also be yarn in my hands... I've been plowing through Bones on Netflix while I work on a sweater. I might give Friday Night Lights a try one of these days.