Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend Haunting

I had a great weekend, really couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  Unfortunately, it didn't stay behind, to be remembered by my fond memories.  Monday was a weekend haunting.  It could have been the Bloody Mary bar at Boxcar Lounge, the giant greasy slice of New York's finest pizza, the hot steamy weather, the giant bottomless/endless/mysterious dinner in Korea-town..or possibly the hour long nasty train ride home at 9 o clock to top it all off...  Who knows, I was hoping the wholesome Yoga + Fruit smoothies I enjoyed in the morning would offset all the bad deeds..  Well, regardless, I woke up ill, to say the least, and spent the day laying on the couch with my computer on my lap answering emails and attempting to be productive with about a third of my usual energy.  Sometimes the price you pay for having a little fun.

Sometimes I forget how crazy NYC can be on the weekends.  When I've gone in recently it seems to have been either on a week night or middle of the day on the way to the airport.  When I got off at Grand Central (after a delayed train ride that included being stranded on the tracks and being "rescued" by another train) there was an overwhelming mass of people.  Luckily I have mastered the art of darting through crowds in the city and was able to sneak through to the subway.  I had some important ladies to meet up with at the MET!  I've been to the MET the most out of any of the museums in New York.  I wouldn't say I find the art and artifacts especially interesting compared to most museums but somehow the atmosphere is always conducive to spending time wandering in good conversation.  Which was perfect for us, three girls who grew up together who had some catching up to do.  That probably sums up my entire weekend..good food and good conversations.  Which is to be expected when you are spending time with old friends.  sSaturday night conversation was held at Mercadito - an intimate cantina on the lower west side.  Sunday morning on a fire escape in Queens, a backdrop of the NYC skyline, over a bowl of fruit and oats.  Later, in a tiny crowded bar in Alphabet city called The Boxcar Lounge and finally in a loud, borderline hysterical Korean restaurant in Korea Town (name forgotten/never learned..).  Overall the weekend wasn't too crazy, which I liked, although it did kind of end in a craze.  On a side note: Boy am I getting good at my NYC neighborhoods knowledge now!

So needless to say, after all of the relentless travel lately, today really begins a period of "wholesome living" for me.  Writing in this blog more frequently, as well as becoming connected to other blogs has really inspired me to add a little routine to my life that involves culinary exploration and diligence to both improving and enjoying life.
So where did I start tonight?  Whole Foods.   Where did I end?  Broke.
Okay, not really..actually I got quite a bit of stuff for the amount I paid.  The fun part was carrying it all up the stairs..thank goodness I found a close parking spot.
All my booty - delicious treasures
The plan was to stock up on the basics..pantry stocking.  I made a list of things that are in a majority of the recipes I have seen online and won't spoil too quickly.  Now..thanks to the beauty that is Whole Foods I ended up back home with a lot of UNPLANNED things as well.  You ever go to the grocery store and by the end of your trip, as you are unloading your cart, you get to the bottom and completely forget ever picking up the things that are there?  Yah..that was me today.  But I'm still proud of myself because it all fit in the 4 bags I brought with me.
So unfortunately I had to postpone the soup I was going to make tonight since I didn't get home till 8.  But I did make some quinoa, jar some beans and slice an avocado to take for lunch this that's something.
Dinner tonight was quick and tasty.  I'm going to post pictures..because I can..
Brown Rice, Black Bean, Avocado, Salsa, Kale and Parm
Dessert :)
Frozen blueberry mango soup!  - Hemp Milk, Frozen Fruit and Cinnimon
Yeah I'm a nerd..but deal, you know you want some. ;)
I am looking forward to the next month or so which involves NO travel.  Whatever will I do with myself!  Guess you'll have to stick around and find out.
Apparently the south is about to get pummeled by mother nature, stay safe fam and friends!

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